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Friday, 18 March 2011

Effective communication is the most important instrument of strengthening people management in an organisation. Discuss briefly.

Importance of effective communication: 

In today's competitive environment it is a major problem against the management to establish and maintain a good communication in an organisation. In very competitive environment, complex method of production, very complex activities of the business and specialization in production & operations have increased the importance of communication in organisation. Without effective communication, managerial work is not possible to run smoothly. The importance of communication in an organization is as important as the blood in the human body. We can say that, the success of an organisation is now depending on this, that how successful the communication system is stabilized? The following things reflect the importance of communication in an organization.
Importance for Smooth activity of an establishment: 

To run an enterprise successfully and uninterrupted communication plays an important role. Successful internal dialogue in any organisation depends on a systematic communications. To meet objectives of the organization, it is necessarily require in maintaining mutual coordination and functionality between subordinates, for this type of action appropriate and systematic communication method is essential to the management. Whenever communication is interrupted, it directly affects the activity of the organization. 

Communication is basis of Managerial performance: 

As that I've written before, communication plays an important role in the discharge of managerial functions, managerial functions can not be reviewed or edited without any good communication system. Communication uses in various managerial processes are as follows: 

(a) The contribution of communication in planning: 

Planning is a most important managerial function, for which an extensive communication between the executive and other related personnel are required. Communication has an extreme importance in execution of planned program, and to control the activities of the concerned personnel depending on the responses. Communication is important to evaluate the performance done by personnel to meet the personnel & organisational objectives. 

(b) Organising: 

'Organising' a second important function of management to managing the various activities of the enterprise such as scheduling, allocation of activities in separate units, and gives delegates to perform the specific tasks. Communication is necessary because, through this individual, departments, and groups are communicated in the context of the tasks to be performed by them and provide them knowledge about their rights, duties and expectations. 

(c) The importance of communication in leadership and direction: 

For effective leadership and direction, organization requires efficient communication system. A good leader can provide the necessary guidance and effective leadership to the organizations in the presence of an efficient communication system. By good communication management can overcome if there are any misunderstanding between the leader and his subordinates. An effective communication can bring near them. As well as Communication gives opportunity to the workers to keep their words in front of superiors and this type of environment wake the spirit of cooperation among the subordinates. 

(d) Communication motivates the people: 

Through An efficient communication system the management understand the impact of attitude of subordinates, and it gives the opportunity to bring positive change. Most conflicts are not the basic nature of business, but most conflicts are caused by misunderstanding and ignorance of the facts. By the reasonable and timely communication arise unfortunate circumstances between related parties can be avoided. So we can say that, efficient communication system inspires the spirit of to coordination. 

(e) Controlling by communication: 

Communication is helpful in controlling individuals, departments, units and groups within organization. Communication of Facts, standards, and information to the concerned parties is required, so that they can ensure their participation to the success of plans. Based on standards set in the documents related to business operations, management make review and assessment of individuals for which the appropriate communication is essential. 

Maximum output at minimum cost: 

The purpose of an organization is to produce more at less cost, so that effective internal and external communications must be there for it. 

Efficient External communication system is very helpful to get, public opinion, maintaining contact with government departments, and to get market information keeping in mind the primary objectives of organisation. 

Quick decision and its implementation: 

The compilation of the facts is necessary in quick decision making process. It is necessary to get correct information before making any meaningful decision, a communication system is necessary for that. On the other hand, to implement the decisions effectively, discussion must be there with subordinates. So communication is a must to make decisions and implement them quickly. 

In establishing human relationships: 

Manpower is a leading active and effective factor in production. Good human relations are important to create harmony, mutual cooperation, in building good working environment and peace in the industry. As that I've discussed before, the communication is two-way process which is helpful in promoting mutual understanding and cooperation among various parties within the organization. Downward communications tells subordinates about organization want, and communicate how to effectively meet with that. On the other hand, upward communication provides opportunity to subordinates to communicate their personnel complaints and suggestions to the management. Thus, effective communication is important in establishing human relationships. 

Job satisfaction and good morale: 

Morale is a human element that inspired a person to work with good sense. Effective communication between different parties removes the possibility of misunderstandings. Workers know how they can create that feeling of mutual cooperation. Communication keeps staff’s morale high so they have their work to the satisfaction. 

Contact with external parties: 

The importance of communication is not only for internal management but also helpful in making contacts and relationship with external world agencies such as customer associations, other manufacturers, advertising agencies, suppliers, trade unions, research councils and institutions. Communications increase the company's credibility and make people favourable. So communications is helpful in moving forward to set up external relationship. 
Thus, I would say the existence of communications element is for any organization's comprehensive, accurate, important, affecting the nearest and far-reaching consequences, object-oriented. 

Communication element is helpful to overcome from ideological differences and implement organisational policies to increase its functionality and efficiency.